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¡Hola, amigas y amigos de! Welcome to a new, amazing post. My name is Husim Espinoza and I am one of the founders of this blog. Apart from being a licensed language instructor, I also have a business degree from a public university in my home country, Chile. I’ve started and managed several businesses, mostly in the digital marketing industry. I have experience teaching foreign languages in elementary school, middle school, high school and in universities. One of the most valuable experiences I’ve had in my career is that of teaching business English to Business Management students for seven years. I’ve found that acquiring business vocabulary (ie. learning and using it correctly) is a tough task for most language learners, since it requires a high degree of accuracy when it comes to word choice, due to the fact that nobody wants to make mistakes when doing business. For this reason, I would like to share with you a list of essential words, phrases, and expressions that are frequently used in business settings. I would also like to show you the pronunciation of such vocabulary with audio and challenge you with some exercises at the end of this article. If this sounds interesting to you, keep on reading!


Spanish business vocabulary is mainly comprised of words and phrases that are used in business administration, economics, finance, and marketing. For example, in business administration, we use the words “el gerente / la gerente” or “el administrador / la administradora” to refer to a person who manages a business, depending on their position in the company’s “el organigrama” (organization chart). In economics, we talk about “la demanda y la oferta” (demand and supply), “los mercados” (markets), “la industria” (industry), “los bienes y los servicios” (goods and services), etc. In finance, we need to interact with “el banco” (the bank), “pedir un préstamo” (ask for a loan), “conseguir financiamiento” (get financing), and so  on. In marketing (“la mercadotecnia”), we use words like “el producto” (the product), “el precio” (price), “la promoción” (promotion), “la publicidad” (advertising), etc. As you can see, each vocabulary item is accompanied by its corresponding definite article. We highly suggest you take articles into consideration when practicing vocabulary, since words are usually preceded by them. Let’s look at more examples!


Table of contents


Spanish management / administration vocabulary

  1. La estrategia (strategy)
  2. La misión (mission statement)
  3. La visión (vision)
  4. Los valores corporativos (corporate values)
  5. La administración (administration)
  6. La gestión (management)
  7. El gerente / la gerente (the manager)
  8. La empresa (the company)
  9. El negocio (the business)
  10. La organización (the organization)
  11. El proceso (the process)
  12. La planificación (planning)
  13. El plan (the plan)
  14. La dirección (direction)
  15. El control (control)
  16. La retroalimentación (feedback)
  17. La gerencia (management)
  18. El departamento de administración (the adminstration department)
  19. El departamento de finanzas (the finance department)
  20. El departamento de marketing (the marketing department)
  21. El departamento de ventas (the sales department)
  22. Los empleados / Las empleadas (the employees)
  23. Los colaboradores / Las colaboradoras (the collaborators)
  24. Los recursos humanos (human resources)
  25. El consultor / La consultora (the consultant)

Business Spanish: administration vocabulary

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Spanish economics vocabulary

  1. La economía (the economy)
  2. La riqueza (riches)
  3. El Producto Interno Bruto (PIB) (Gross Domestic Product, GDP)
  4. El consumo privado (private consumption)
  5. El gasto público (public expenditure)
  6. La inversión / las inversiones (investment / investments)
  7. Las exportaciones (exports)
  8. Las importaciones (imports)
  9. La balanza comercial (balance of trade)
  10. La industria (the industry)
  11. El mercado / los mercados (the market / the markets)
  12. Los bienes (goods)
  13. Los servicios (services)
  14. La producción (production)
  15. La inflación (inflation)
  16. La política monetaria (monetary policy)
  17. El Banco Central (Central Bank, Reserve Bank)
  18. La tasa de interés / las tasas de interés (interest rate / interest rates)
  19. El tipo de cambio (exchange rate)
  20. El ministro de hacienda / La ministra de hacienda (the Secretary / Minister of the Treasure)
  21. El ministro de economía / La ministra de economía (The Secretary Minister of Economy)
  22. La banca (the banks)
  23. La tasa de ocupación (employment rate)
  24. El desempleo (unemployment)
  25. La economía de libre mercado (free market economy)

Business Spanish: economics vocabulary

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Spanish finance vocabulary

  1. Las finanzas (finance)
  2. La administración financiera (financial administration)
  3. Las finanzas corporativas (corporate finance)
  4. La rentabilidad (profitability)
  5. El riesgo (risk)
  6. El accionista / los accionistas (the shareholder / the shareholder)
  7. Los ingresos por venta (revenue)
  8. Las ventas (sales)
  9. Los costos (costs)
  10. Los costos operacionales (operating costs)
  11. Los gastos (expenses)
  12. Los gastos administrativos (administrative expenses)
  13. Los gastos de venta (selling expenses)
  14. El margen de utilidad (profit margin)
  15. Los impuestos (taxes)
  16. El interés (interest)
  17. El flujo de efectivo (cashflow)
  18. Los pagos (payments)
  19. Los activos (assets)
  20. Los pasivos (liabilities)
  21. El patrimonio (equity)
  22. La deuda (debt)
  23. Las utilidades brutas (gross profit)
  24. Las utilidades netas (net profit)
  25. Un préstamo (a loan)

Business Spanish: finance vocabulary

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Spanish marketing vocabulary

  1. El marketing / la mercadotecnia (marketing)
  2. La publicidad (advertising)
  3. Los clientes (the clients / the customers)
  4. Un aviso (an ad)
  5. El precio (price)
  6. La promoción (promotion)
  7. El posicionamiento del producto (product placement)
  8. El producto (product)
  9. La campaña de marketing (marketing campaign)
  10. La campaña de publicidad (advertising campaign)
  11. La agencia de marketing (marketing agency)
  12. La agencia de publicidad (advertising agency)
  13. Una página web (a webpage)
  14. Una fanpage (a fanpage)
  15. Un perfil de Instagram (an Instagram profile)
  16. Un perfil en redes sociales (a social media profile)
  17. Una lista de correos electrónicos (an email list)
  18. Un prospecto (a prospect)
  19. Llamadas en frío (cold calls)
  20. La propuesta de valor (the value proposition)
  21. El valor (value)
  22. La creación de valor (value creation)
  23. La comunicación (communication)
  24. Las necesidades de cliente (customer needs)
  25. El nicho de mercado (market niche)

Business Spanish: marketing vocabulary

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Let’s practice!

Choose the best alternative to complete the following sentences. The answer key is below exercise 10.


  1. ______________ está a cargo de que la empresa siga su estrategia.

a. El gerente
b. El empleado
c. El consultor

2. Se decidió bajar ___________ para fomentar la inversión en el país.

a. la utilidad neta
b. las tasas de interés
c. el costo operacional

3. Debo ir al banco a ______________.

a. pedir dinero
b. pedir efectivo
c. pedir un préstamo

4. Para promocionar el producto, pondremos un ______________ en TV.

a. aviso
b. marketing
c. publicidad

5. ______________ es la primera etapa del proceso administrativo.

a. El feedback
b. La planificación
c. El control

6. Hay un déficit en la ______________ , ya que las importaciones fueron superiores a las exportaciones.

a. inversión
b. tasa de interés
c. balanza comercial

7. A mayor ______________ , generalmente mayor es la ______________.

a. riesgo – rentabilidad
b. utilidad – riesgo
c. ganancia – deuda

8. Vamos a contratar a  ______________ para esta campaña publicitaria.

a. un banco
b. una agencia de publicidad
c. el Banco Central

9. ______________ nos sugirió vender activos para aumentar la liquidez.

a. La organización
b. El producto
c. La consultora

10. El mercado de ______________ generalmente requiere menor inversión.

a. los servicios
b. los productos
c. los gastos

Answer key

1a 2b 3c 4a 5b 6c 7a 8b 9c 10a 



In this article, we have presented 100 essential business Spanish vocabulary items. Of course, there are tons of terms that have not been included on this list. We are just saving them for a future post. Practice this vocabulary by reading it out loud. Use the audio files below each section of the article. I have recorded the correct pronunciation of each set of words so that you can sound as close as possible to a native speaker of Spanish. Remember that in business there is little to no room for communication mistakes. You must be very sure about the right words that you will use in a business setting. This will make your business allies and counterparts perceive you as a solid businessman or woman. By mastering this key vocabulary, you will be able to differentiate yourself from the majority of Spanish language learners, since, as we indicated in the introduction, business vocabulary in one of the toughest aspects of second language acquisition.


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